Sheryl Holland, Artist

Sheryl Holland


Sheryl Holland is a contemporary abstract artist living in Tucson, AZ, specializing in large acrylic paintings of intense color and shapes with vibrant movement, often with a sense of deep space.  She has paintings in many private collections across the US, from New York City and New Haven, Connecticut, in the NE,  to Alabama and Georgia in the SE, to California, Washington, Oregon, Texas, Colorado and Arizona in the West. 


"I am loving looking at your painting many times each day.  I'm amazed how perfect it looks above my rustic fireplace.  But more important is the soul-connection that happens every time.  It lifts me above some of the struggles in my life and reminds me of the grander scheme of things."  Colleen Werbylo


"Infinity is now hanging in the most prominent place in our house. Each time we look at it, we have a finer grasp of its depth and beauty. We both look forward to seeing where you take your art (or it takes you) in the future." Mark Boyer

"I just have to start my day by telling you how much I love your painting. It hangs it in the living room and it's a knock-out. I love the colors, rhythm and music. It speaks life to me." Agnes Paulsen

Birth of Red


Ode to Joy


Deep Light Shining